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How To Keep Your Small Town From Feeling Too Big


As we’ve seen in the last several months, the housing market in Kansas City is blowing up. Average sale prices have increased in different markets from 10% to 22%, the hottest market being De Soto. A recent article in the Kansas City Star talked about locals fearing their towns will soon outgrow many benefits that a small town atmosphere provides. I thought I’d share a few tips to keep your town feeling small even as new faces show up at your favorite spots. 


 Stay Involved In Your Community

This is arguably the thing locals love the most about where they live. They feel connected to the community and that they have a voice in what’s happening around town. If you’re new to a small town or have lived there for all your life, getting involved in community events will keep you grounded no matter how large your town becomes. My favorite community activities include volunteering, shopping locally, joining local groups or classes, supporting your local sports teams or organizing your own event if you see a gap in the calendar. If you own a small business, or are hoping to start something up, your community is a fantastic resource for support and inspiration, and will connect you even more to the people around you. Similarly, make sure you’re reading your local newspaper! This is often the pulse for the heart of your town and it’s a thrilling way to stay involved as things grow and change.


Pay Attention To Your Local Government

This goes hand-in-hand with my first tip. Your local government is a powerful tool and resource that is often overlooked. But if you want a sure-fire way to get involved in your small town, this is the way to go. Attend a city council meeting to see what it’s all about and if it peaks your interest, you can join a board or volunteer for a local candidate’s campaign. Your local government impacts businesses, parks, safety, schools, to just name a few. The more names you know and faces you recognize will make you feel that much more at home.


Stay Friendly & Curious

Everyone has their favorite spots to shop and hangout around town, whether that’s a grocery store or a coffee shop. If you’re in your routine and notice a new face, say hello and welcome them to the community. Something small town residents love is that they know if they go out they’ll probably run into someone they know. So if you’re out and about and see some new faces, introduce yourself. You’ll be surprised at the difference that makes!