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Getting the Best ROI on Your Home

If you know that at some point you’d like to sell your home, whether that’s now or 10 years down the road,  you’ll want to make sure that any home improvements you have on your list will be a good investment and attractive in the buyers’ market. While design trends fluctuate year by year, some things never go out of style. Here are a few ideas for renovations you can make that will pay off. 

Minor Bathroom Remodel
Making intentional updates such as updating the toilet to an eco-friendly solution, replacing tile, removing dated wall coverings, and giving the room a fresh coat of paint will boost your return of investment and are all great options for a simple, yet solid, bathroom makeover.

Minor Kitchen Remodel
Just like the bathroom, removing dated pieces in favor of modern accents will go a long way. Reface cabinets and drawers with stylish hardware. Replace the light and sink fixtures and repaint shelving and walls in a neutral palette to give them a boost. 

Exterior Improvements
Curb-appeal is significant. Buyers will notice everything like the front door, gutters, sidewalks, garage doors, and landscaping. Make your home stand out from its neighbors by repainting the siding, swapping out the front door, and giving some TLC to the front garden. 

Outdoor Entertaining Additions
Who will ever say no to a deck, patio, or porch? Outdoor living spaces are exploding! Now is the perfect time to add one to your own home. It’s an easy way to hide the more unattractive components of your home, such as air conditioners, simply by adding a wooden trellis covered in vines. Boost up the eye appeal with beautiful plants from your local greenhouse. 

Finish Your Basement
Everyone loves the idea of a finished basement and no buyer will want to do that themselves. Create a comfortable, and multi-purpose living space, that any family can see themselves using. Try for a TV room, a bar with a pool table, or a guest suite. 

Some of the best improvements you can make on your home will end up being the least expensive. If you don’t need to make major improvements to the roof, HVAC system, or plumbing, then the cheaper, and more aesthetically pleasing projects, will be the ones to focus on in the coming years.