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Tiny Houses: Just a Fad, or Just Right for You?

Tiny Houses are a growing lifestyle trend that have not only made their mark on our TV networks and Pinterest boards, but on many homeowners’ lives as well. While most people are simply fascinated by the phenomenon, more individuals are taking the idea to heart and trying it out themselves. 

This choice has a little more gravity than trying out the latest Magnolia Market paint color, or even installing your own hardwood-look tile floors; downsizing to a tiny house completely changes your home life and the way you live. So aside from the fact that they’re pretty adorable, what do you really need to know about tiny house dwelling before you purchase a flatbed trailer and have the world’s largest garage sale?

  1. In a tiny house, everything has multiple purposes. When your entire life has to fit in a space of about 200 square feet, you have to maximize every single square inch. So that bookshelf on the wall might double as stairs up to your loft bed, and your kitchen table will also serve as your office. Test this out in your current home and pay careful attention to the results: use one small portion of your countertop to do all your food preparation and cooking, or limit your family to sharing one bathroom and see how everyone handles it. It might drive you crazy and make you feel cooped up, or it might be amazing to have less space to keep tidy. 
  2. In a tiny house, you can’t fit very many people. This might sound obvious, but it’s a big factor to consider. Maybe you’re planning to have children someday, but a tiny house sounds like a fun adventure until then. Go for it! But if you end up with a positive pregnancy test in your miniature bathroom with a compost toilet, you’ll have to be open to further adjusting your already creative living situation or consider making another move. So, if there is a possibility of adding to you family in any way, whether it be a spouse or children or pets, think through the logistics and make a plan that makes sense for you. 
  3. In a tiny house, things are tiny. Another seemingly obvious statement, but it can affect your lifestyle in ways that might surprise you. For instance, the first thing that comes to mind when considering a tiny house is not usually the likelihood that it will take twice as long to do all of your laundry because your non-standard size machine will be half the capacity of what you’re used to having. This is another tiny house trial you can recreate in your current home: see how long it takes you to do your laundry in smaller loads, or how hard it is to keep up with the dishes if you only use one row of your full-size dishwasher. 

It may sound exciting to ditch your material possessions and trade a house with a foundation for a plot of land and a home on wheels, but consider what all happens behind the scenes before you sign on to star in an upcoming episode of Tiny House, Big Living.