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So Much More Than Sales

Kansas City Keller Williams Real Estate Agent Talking To ClientsIt’s true, a good real estate agent is also a good salesperson; he or she can expertly match a person or family with the right home, steer clients away from making a risky purchase, and negotiate skillfully to ensure a happy ending. But just being a good salesperson does not make one a good real estate agent.

In the world of real estate, good agents are like undercover superheroes. Their mission is about so much more than sales, and it starts before the transaction actually begins and goes on long after it ends. They work in the early hours and long into the night to protect your interests and peace of mind, and most of the time you don’t even know it. It’s a big job, but your happiness makes it all worth it. So now you’re probably wondering, what exactly can I ask my agent for help with besides representing me in a sale or purchase?

  1. Recommendations for Service Professionals: Whether you’re in need of a lender to finance your impending home purchase or vetting contractors to install hardwood floors in your current home, your agent is a great resource. He or she can provide recommendations for trusted industry professionals, and you will feel confident about hiring someone you didn’t randomly find on Google.
  2. Home Valuations: If you’re on the hunt for a new home, your agent will always provide examples of comparable properties that have recently sold to help you decide on a solid offer amount. But did you know that you can ask your agent any time for a value estimate on your own home? Maybe you’re thinking of selling or refinancing, or you want to know how the neighborhood has appreciated since you moved there. Your agent will be happy to give you some figures that will provide a solid idea of your home’s current market value.
  3. Out-of-State Connections: If you or a friend or family member is considering moving out of state, the best place to start is actually your local agent! Real Estate is all about networking, and chances are your agent already has connections to someone who can help you get where you want to go. Before you hop online and call the first real estate office you find in your future hometown, give your agent a call and ask him or her for assistance getting connected to another great agent in that area.
  4. Investing: Did you know your agent can help YOU make money? If you’ve ever considered investing in real estate, talk to your agent about your options. Investing in real estate is a great way to grow your income, generate additional funds for retirement or get additional tax benefits.
  5. Improve Resale Value: Are you wanting to give your home a little facelift but you’re unsure where to begin? Ask your agent about the best home improvement projects to add value to your property. Many factors will influence the resale value of your home when that time comes, but your agent can go over the most important ones with you and help you make decisions that both you and the future owners of your home will be happy with.