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Cleaning Hacks That Work All Year

Spring is a time of celebrating all things fresh and new, and of course that includes having a fresh, clean home. “Spring Cleaning” is a centuries-old concept that we still observe today; while that annual purge does feel liberating, wouldn’t it be nice if there was an easier way to maintain a clean, tidy home all year long? Try these Spring Cleaning hacks to keep your home as fresh as a daisy 24/7, 365:

  1. Keep Products Where You Use Them: If your area rug in the living room is the primary place you use your vacuum but you keep your vacuum in the storage room downstairs, you’ll be much less likely to roll it out for a quick once-over to pick up stray pet hair and cheerios. Try to keep your cleaning products near the areas you use them most; if it seems impractical to have a bottle of window cleaner in every bathroom, try dividing up one bottle into smaller spray bottles to keep under each vanity. Or, keep your Windex under the counter of the bathroom you use most, and when inspiration strikes to wipe off the smudges on your mirror you can start there and hit the other spots right afterward.
  2. Clean in the Morning: When you schedule a task first thing in the morning, there is rarely an excuse not to do it. If you’re already a morning person, squeezing in 15 minutes of cleaning while you drink your coffee should be an easy adjustment; if you’re not so much, then starting your day with something mindless like giving the blinds a quick dusting will help you wake up and give your brain an easy task to handle before you move on to the more  difficult items on your to-do list.
  3. Jump On the Essential Oil Bandwagon: Diffusing essential oils in your home is a safer and healthier alternative to give every room a breath of fresh air. Not only is it fun to play around with different scent combinations based on the season or your mood, but when your home smells like freshly cut lemons and lavender blossoms its difficult not to pull on a pair of gloves and work on making it look as good as it smells. 
  4. Clean Up After Yourself: Some cleaning tasks may always feel daunting, like cleaning the baseboards or whitening tile grout, but it’s a lot less awful when your sink isn’t full of dishes and your laundry isn’t piled up to the ceiling. Keep the dishwasher empty so there’s room for dirty dishes after you use them, and do your laundry before the basked overflows onto the floor. That way you maintain more order in your home on a daily basis, and your more time-intensive cleaning items aren’t piled on top of all those other little tasks.
  5.  Turn On a Great Playlist: Very few of us love to clean, but it’s way more fun with some good music in the background. It also helps you get motivated when you’re just not in the mood to grab a mop and bucket; like putting on gym clothes before you’re convinced you’re actually going to the gym, one round of Outkast’s “So Fresh, So Clean” will have you singing like Cinderella.