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Moving with the Seasons

It’s common knowledge that the real estate market typically heats up in the spring and slows down in the fall, which means more people move during that time. The truth, of course, is that people move all year long. There are certain checklist items that go along with any move, but depending on the time of year you tackle that adventure there are other variables you’ll want to consider as well.


Summer: First of all, it’s going to be hot! Stay hydrated, and don’t pack belongings that are likely to melt in hot cars or moving trucks (candles, cosmetics, food items, etc.) or you could have a mess on your hands when you get to your final destination. If you have children that attend public school and your move puts you in a new district, it will be much easier on everyone if you are settled into your new home before school starts. Try to pick a closing date that will give you enough time to get everything moved and mostly in place before another hectic time of year begins. And whatever you do, try to avoid Memorial Day Weekend and the last weekend in July; according to moveline.com, they are the two busiest moving weekends of the year!


Fall: Fall is a busy time of year, and with everything from school starting to seasonal festivities it can be a hectic season to move if you don’t plan well in advance. Thankfully the height of the busy season has usually passed at this point, so booking a moving company will be less competitive and likely a little more affordable. Carefully check your schedules for work, school, church and any other groups you heavily participate in and put them all on a calendar so you know what dates to avoid when you call the movers.


Winter: When you move in the cold, there is always a risk of icy or snowy road conditions. Pay close attention to the weather report on moving day, and make sure you keep your gas tank full so you can stay warm if you get stranded or stuck in traffic. It’s always a good idea to have an emergency kit stashed in your vehicle with items like a blanket, flashlight, jumper cables, water and snacks. When you arrive at your beautiful new home, make sure you lay down some plastic sheets or cardboard to prevent your floors from getting soggy. If you tend to exchange gifts or cards through the mail with family and friends around the holidays, be mindful of getting your new address out to them in plenty of time! 


Spring: Spring is by far the busiest time of the year to move, but it’s also a beautiful time to settle in to your new home. The weather is more likely to be sunny and not too hot, and it gives you a chance to check out your landscaping as everything blooms. This is also the best season for holding a garage sale, so get in the spring cleaning spirit and take advantage of the opportunity to sell all of your old stuff that you don’t want to take with you to your new home. Plus, if there are items you need for your house that you don’t want to shell out big bucks for, you just might find an inexpensive couch or set of dishes if you check out some sales yourself.