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Welcome Home, Fall

The arrival of fall is like welcoming a house guest that you look forward to having every year: it’s cool and friendly, there’s always something fun to do, and you can’t help but sip hot cider and eat delicious baked goods as you soak up every moment together.  We all have beloved fall traditions and routines, but why not try something new this year as the air chills and the leaves turn? These ideas will help you prepare for fall and keep your home and your heart feeling warm and fuzzy all season long.

  1. Seal In Warmth: Fall is the perfect time to work on exterior home repairs; the weather is still nice outside, and addressing any potential issues before the cold comes will keep the climate inside nice, too. Do a sweep of your home’s exterior for any cracks, holes or other damage to the roof, structure and foundation and complete repairs or schedule maintenance before winter hits. This will protect your home from cold, water and critters looking for warmth and food. And if you live in an older home or have poorly insulated pipes anywhere, don’t forget to address that before frozen or burst pipes become a real problem.  
  2. Change Your Style: With such a colorful, textured-filled season on the way, it’s hard to resist doing a little style swap. Changing out your entire home décor scheme or closet every season is a lot of work and certainly not for everyone, but anyone can find a few pieces they love and can look forward to pulling out of storage every year. A great pair of leather boots and a tailored jacket will take your summer jeans and tee shirts seamlessly into the next season, and a cozy throw blanket in a luscious fall color and an on-theme table centerpiece will bathe your home in a warm glow. The best part is, these are simple staples you can happily add to your collection without filling up your storage space in the off-season.
  3. Get Cooking: Is there anything better than trying out a new recipe in the fall? From baked goods to seasonal produce to warm beverages, everything is just a little more delicious from September to November. If you’re stuck in a pumpkin rut or apple pie has lost its appeal, try either starting with an ingredient you haven’t used before or using a favorite ingredient in a new way. If you’re a stranger to beets or figs, pick up a batch and see what you can make. If you always use pumpkin puree to make pie and bread, try turning it into a pasta sauce instead.