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New Year, New Home : Top Home Decor Trends for 2020

With a new year and a new decade quickly approaching, one can’t help but crave a little reinvention. Your home is a great place to start! Interior design trends for 2020 are bringing cozy, organic, functional designs and spaces to homes everywhere and you won’t be able to help hopping on board.


  1. Get Cozy: Cozy décor is the perfect place to start freshening up your home for the new year, especially when it’s this cold outside. But, this trend isn’t limited to one season! Creating a sense of warmth in your home can start with chunky knitted blankets, but using soft textures, warm colors and social room arrangements really bring it home. Try replacing a sleek piece of framed artwork with a hanging wall textile, or tying your sitting room together with a small area rug that pulls the seating inward and creates a more socially inviting atmosphere. Just be careful who you invite over, because they may not want to leave!
  2. Bring Nature Back: 2020 is the year of bringing the outdoors inside: shades of green, natural materials, plant-inspired patterns and plenty of live greenery are all on the list. Fresh house plants never go out of style, but you don’t need a green thumb to make this trend work for you. Try a green velvet couch, a raw edge wooden coffee table or a sophisticated floral wallpaper and you’ll feel at one with nature in no time.
  3. Put the Fun in Functional: Each room in your home should serve a purpose AND bring you joy. Gone are the days of having a home office that you’re embarrassed to show anyone because it’s covered in piles of papers and electrical cords. The new year is all about functional spaces that you can feel good about. Finding a corner of your living space to place a stylish desk, or converting your breakfast nook in the kitchen into a workspace, helps bring a beautiful balance to your work-life juggling routine and will get you a lot more excited to spend time there. Choose office supplies and furnishings that tie into the connected space and make the area feel inviting and productive. What about that formal dining room you never use? If you wish you had more structure to your meals but prefer to dine on the living room couch than at your family’s heirloom dining room table, it might be time to mix it up. Get a large coffee table and throw some cushions on the floor for a unique, Asian-inspired eating experience, or try a cocktail table with cushioned bar stools for a more laid-back vibe. Do what makes you happy with your space!