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Ocean View, DE Real Estate Activity Contrasts with Entertainment Void

 Despite all hurdles, Ocean View, DE residential real estate continues actively—now with the sense that an uptick is in the wind. Even for area homeowners who have been waiting for a return to pre-pandemic life before listing their Ocean View, DE homes, the positive signs have to be encouraging. Ocean View, DE official pronouncements make it clear that the need to get more businesses back up and running is gaining urgency—no doubt with utmost caution. 

Meanwhile, another weekend came and went without the community gatherings that would have been going gangbusters in any other late April Saturday and Sunday. The absence of public divertissements still felt strange. With Ocean View, DE movie house and music performances off the agenda, you’d hope that at least TV would offer fresh entertainment. Had the Tokyo Olympics not been postponed, all the final competitions to select this summer’s U.S. teams should have been beaming our way night and day.

Instead, Ocean View, DE viewers were subjected to dusty reruns of competitions long past. A truer “vast wasteland” has never been broadcast. By Sunday night, there was even the strange necessity of American Idol’s “live” competition having been taped in contestants’ homes. It may have been an admirable adaptation to adversity by the producers—but even so, couldn’t help reminding viewers how much the presence of cheering audiences adds to any concert.

Yet there WERE other rays of hope, even for weary Ocean View, DE housebound couch potatoes. The Olympics may be off the schedule, but for “purposes of national morale,” a few major sports were plotting their return. Golf scheduled a resumption of the PGA tour on June 11—the kickoff for a full summer lineup—the first of which will be televised sans onlookers. Pro tennis players will compete in a series of singles matches from Monte Carlo (many stars have tax haven homes there). And NASCAR is negotiating a summer series of one-day events that will forego qualifying heats, pit stops, and fans.

June’s resumption of live sporting events should be a signal of things to come—stirrings of a return to American cultural normality. Meanwhile, American real estate activity is considerably more active—at least here in Ocean View, DE. Call me for a “live” update! Call/Text me Russell Stucki at (302) 228-7871, email me at russellstucki@remax.net, visit more listings at www.beachrealestatemarket.com.