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In June, Dewey Beach, DE Homeownership is Cause for Hoopla

June in Dewey Beach, DE is well known as the leading month for celebrations. Weddings are most common in June. Nearly 11% of American weddings happen this month, narrowly edging out August. More high school and college graduations take place in June, too—although in some years, May makes it a squeaker.

But the hoopla isn’t limited to weddings and graduations. If you wonder why your quiet evenings are being disturbed by the distant sounds of raucous neighborhood partying—the roar of boisterous crowds, airhorn blasts, or The Weeknd’s latest hit blaring over some backyard DJ’s loudspeaker system—it’s not because of a wild wedding or graduation fete.

No—there’s a lot more going on this Dewey Beach, DE June!

The precise origin of this other June celebration is shrouded in myth, but most historians point to sometime during the last century. Whatever its historical roots, this year’s celebration was ignited in Washington D.C. last Tuesday with the President’s formal declaration of June 2021 as “National Homeownership Month”!

Your own family may have its own traditional ways to celebrate National Homeownership Month. Some prefer quiet observances that keep gatherings to a minimum. Yet, for those who strive to invent more electrifying and creative festivities, national quasi-governmental enterprise Freddie Mac has one suggestion: “Add the National Homeownership Month frame to your Facebook profile picture.” Although Freddie’s additional guidance is limited to its website’s “Celebrating Homeownership” video (which actually turns out to answer the question ‘What Does Freddie Do?’ instead of supplying imaginative merrymaking ideas), other entities step in to fill the void.

The National Association of Realtors®, for instance, suggests that National Homeownership Month is “a time to share our stories and create opportunities for future homeowners”—and to “celebrate by joining the conversation on social media.”

Here in Dewey Beach, DE, in addition to more raucous revelry, Dewey Beach, DE homeowners who file their second 1040-ES quarterly payments before the June 15 deadline may consider that activity to be sufficient. After all, the size of the payment is considerably smaller because of the homeownership tax deduction. Now that’s a satisfying way to celebrate!

Whether it’s in June or any other month, as soon as you begin to plan to make changes in your own Dewey Beach, DE homeownership profile, I hope you’ll call me to help! Call/Text me Russell Stucki at (302) 228-7871, email me at russellstucki@remax.net, visit more listings at www.beachrealestatemarket.com.