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Why Dewey Beach, DE Home Sellers Find Weekend Dog Show Relevant

 It is increasingly clear that as Americans, we are members of a pet-crazy nation. Last Thursday was more than just Thanksgiving Day: at noon, it was time for TV’s 18th annual presentation of the 2-hour National Dog Show. Dewey Beach, DE viewers who tuned in to NBC got ringside views of the pick of the litters of some of the 196 breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club. AKC’s own cable network motto is “sit! stay! watch!”—but despite the fact that it was televised on NBC (a network lacking such a stern command on its viewers), the annual affair was certain to be seen by a sizeable Dewey Beach, DE audience.  

Viewers were treated to first glimpses of three just-recognized breeds: a Barbet (curly French water dog), Belgian Laekenois (known for having been trusty messenger dogs in WWI and WWII), and the Dogo Argentino (a South American wild boar- and puma-hunter). Dewey Beach, DE homeowners whose yards are unfrequented by wild boars or pumas, and whose messages are adequately handled electronically, might not have detected any relevant Dewey Beach, DE real estate connection with these or any of the other breeds. But they would have been mistaken—especially if they are planning to list their home anytime soon. Just ask the National Association of Realtors®.

This year, the NAR’s research group published a downloadable research pamphlet addressing American homeowners’ fascination with dogs and cats. It was entitled “Animal House” (the full title includes “Pets in the Home Buying and Selling Process”). The authors make a convincing case for why canny home sellers increasingly recognize that pet accommodations are part of many buyers’ decision-making matrix. The statistics are pretty overwhelming:

  • 68% of clients say that community animal policies influenced their decision to rent or buy.
  • 43% of households would be “willing to move” to accommodations that are better for their pet(s).
  • 18% of Realtors have represented clients who moved solely because of their animals.
  • Only 34% of U.S. households do not currently have (or plan to have) a pet!

If you are getting ready to become one of this year’s Dewey Beach, DE home sellers, it’s clear why it’s a good idea to keep “pet-friendliness” in mind.

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