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Don't Panic—but Ocean View, DE's Holidays are at the Door!

Attention, Ocean View, DE!

Ready or not, the Holidays are not waiting around!

If that alert strikes you as unnecessarily alarmist, remember that this year's calendar works out to have fewer days than usual between Thanksgiving and Christmas. And if your traditional Thanksgiving tryptophane-engendered post-turkey stupor was followed by too many days of leftover turkey sandwiches, the resulting snoozefest may have led to your catnapping through this year's shortened holiday preparation days.

The fact is, Ocean View, DE's holiday celebrations are already well underway. If you find that hard to believe, there's this proof positive: the eighth, final day of Hanukkah arrives this Friday! That's right; the Jewish Festival of Lights began last Thursday. The ninth candle will be lighted on Friday (the arithmetic works because the ninth candle is needed to light the other eight).

And for Ocean View, DE residents who consider themselves ready for Christmas because they've cleared the fridge of all the Thanksgiving leftovers, the Post Office has this sobering message:

It's already [almost] too late.

That may not be an overstatement unless all your Christmas/New Years gift-giving will be local. If the friends and relatives on your holiday gift list live far from Ocean View, DE, you need to know that the absolute, written-in-stone USPO shipping deadlines are slated for this week (the single exception is the pricey Priority Mail Express® Service deadline, which falls on Wednesday, the 23rd). But this year, even those deadlines seem likely to be overly optimistic for Christmas deliveries. For a dozen unique 2020 reasons, hard-pressed postal workers are facing a tsunami of shipping traffic. And when you read the fine print on the USPO receipts, it hems and haws a bit—"…delivery times may be extended."

Still, on the brighter side, everybody who has put up with all the other dislocations of 2020 (and that's everyone) will hardly be surprised or much troubled by delays in gift arrivals. This year, when so many are having to put off the yearly family gatherings, the truly valuable gift—that of having loved ones to gather with—will be easier to truly appreciate. Either that, or we can just pretend that, for this year only, we've chosen to take the Twelve Days of Christmas carol literally.

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