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5 Hygienic Renovations for Selling Rehoboth Beach, DE Homes

Last week, area homeowners who plan on selling their Rehoboth Beach, DE homes might have discovered some promising ideas for making the most of today’s pandemic-spawned health concerns. The ideas came in a video presented by realtor.com, which introduced some newly popular renovations aimed at helping “Coronavirus-Proof” homes. Since they are designed to reduce the transmission of germs of all kinds, the tips could also spur the interest of homeowners who won’t be selling their Rehoboth Beach, DE homes anytime soon. The five ideas:

  1. Replace bathroom faucets and soap dispensers with new touchless models. If you’ve ever puzzled about how to turn on a faucet to do your 20-second hand-washing without contaminating the handle with your unwashed fingers—worry no more!
  2. Install smart lighting. Contact-free lighting eliminates the spread of microbes on light switches, which experts agree is a leading germ transmission source. Smart lighting systems also cut electricity usage.
  3. Buy a patio heater. Get-togethers are safer outdoors, so being able to move entertaining out into the open air in chilly weather makes safer socializing possible.
  4. Upgrade to a bidet. New models that “rinse and blow-dry” are environmentally friendly (and one way to put an end to toilet paper shortage angst!).
  5. Consider installing a sanitizing closet. New “smart closets” are designed to create self-cleaning wardrobes by disinfecting clothing. New varieties can be equipped with ultraviolet lighting, air jets, or ozone technology. Increasingly adopted by retail clothing stores, this technology is now making the leap to the residential market.  

For any homeowner who will be selling their Rehoboth Beach, DE home in today’s germ-conscious environment, adopting these hygienic renovations would have the advantage of creating timely, promotable selling points. Call me anytime to discuss more on how we are meeting the challenges of successfully selling Rehoboth Beach, DE homes in today’s rapidly changing market! Call/Text me Russell Stucki at (302) 228-7871, email me at russellstucki@remax.net, visit more listings at www.beachrealestatemarket.com.