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Tuesday is Ocean View, DE’s Groundhog Day—and a Mistake!

Most local folks will be reminded that Tuesday is Ocean View, DE’s Groundhog Day via the media circus surrounding Punxsutawney Phil’s televised prognostication. Few, if any, will question how February 2 came to be the rodent’s day of reckoning.

Although NOAA says Phil’s predictions are less accurate than a coin-toss (40%, to be precise), more to the point is that this year, Ocean View, DE’s Groundhog Day observances will be misguided. This year, February 2 is a day early.

The reason is part astronomical, part neo-pagan, part Christian, part poetic, and part potato.

Ocean View, DE: let’s just cut to the chase. The ancient Celtic calendar divided the year into equinoxes and solstices because knowing exactly where you were in the progression of the seasons meant knowing the best days to plant and harvest—a matter of life and death.

Cross-quarter days on the neo-pagan Wheel of the Year marked seasonal midpoints. The one for mid-winter was the most important—so much so that early Christians converted it (“Imbolc”) into “Candlemas Day.” Householders responsible for keeping everyone warm until Spring reminded themselves of its original meaning with a stern poem:

Half your wood and half your hay, you should have on Candlemas Day.

Ocean View, DE homeowners who don’t have livestock in the backyard may safely ignore the second part about the hay—but those with fireplaces might benefit from the other.

The thing about Punxsutawney Phil’s panicking at his own shadow—thus signaling a tardy spring—is predated by an ancient German poem:

When it storms and snows on Candlemas Day/ Spring is not far away

If it’s bright and clear/ Spring is not yet near

The potato mention owes to a Celtic foodie tip. It’s still honored in many Irish counties, where Candlemas is celebrated with Boxty—finely grated raw and mashed potato pancakes mixed with flour, baking soda, buttermilk, and sometimes egg or yogurt. Since there’s no traditional Groundhog Day snack, why not make Boxty a tasty substitute?…

This is all relevant because this year, true mid-winter in Ocean View, DE won’t fall on Groundhog Day at all. This winter, the halfway point between last December’s Solstice and the March Equinox falls on February 3! So we can forget about Tuesday and start grating the potatoes on Wednesday for a tasty Boxty pancake or two.

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