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Surprising House Hunting Tips

We’ve all seen episodes of House Hunters; this house won’t work because the dining room is painted pink.  Or maybe this house is perfect because of the low price, but have they overlooked the fact that its dirty (is that even important)?  Buyers often come prepared with certain qualifiers to look for in the homes they’re visiting; check out this list to make sure you’re not overlooking something important.

  1. Don’t worry about paint color, furniture and style, architectural details (or lack thereof).These are characteristics that are easily changed; that paneling can be torn down, crown molding can be added, and the style of the furniture can certainly be ignored.

  2. “Kick the Tires”- take the time to open all the windows and run the faucets.Replacing windows can be costly and finding out they are painted shut after the fact can be very disappointing.Turning on the faucets can expose any water pressure issues or drainage problems.

  3. Check You Signal- In this modern age you’ll want to check your cell signal throughout the house.This may not be a deal breaker for you but if you only get cell service in the garage that may be something you take into consideration.

  4. Buy The Things You Can’t Change- You can’t move your home to another neighborhood and, to some extent, you can’t change the layout of the home.You can’t change the school district or how close your home is to a busy street.These are the things that you should consider when looking at every home.

  5. Check Zoning Codes- Too often homeowners are horrified to learn that their tranquil neighborhood is being invaded by multifamily housing, a big commercial business, or a 24-hour convenience store. Before you put a bid on a house go the town hall, city hall, or county register of records and find out the zoning of all contiguous properties.