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Why you should hire a realtor to sell your home

There are many people across Kansas who are doing away with real estate agents and selling their homes independently. While it can be a very attractive proposition to sell your home and not have to pay any real estate commission, the bottom line is an agent is likely going to get you more money in the end, regardless of commission. Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider hiring a agent like me today.

1. Agents know the proper value for your home: real estate agents do extensive research into the value of your home and stake its value against other homes that have sold in the marketplace and in your neighborhood. You may not have access to all of the real estate databases that an agent will have and it's also important to appropriately price your home so that it doesn't remain overpriced and on the market making it difficult for you to move. An agent with years of experience in the same area knows your competition for homes that are currently selling and can help you evaluate the best price for your home so that you can unlock the maximum amount of income without your home being tied up on the market.

2. Agents have contacts: Agents work to both buy and sell homes and in their time as professionals, agents develop a number of different industry contacts as well as personal contacts. By working with other agents in their firm or with past clients they can work to sell a home quickly and get your listings into the hands of people who will be the most interested in your home.

3. Agents provide top shelf marketing services: marketing your own home can be a difficult process and with the help of an agent all of the marketing for your listing is handled by some of the best marketers in the business world. Agents, especially Key Partners agents, are on the cutting edge of the marketing world, using social media, technology, and personalized service to make your listing noticeable and important. Your agent can also include your home in real estate databases that others don’t have access to, making it easier for other agents to find your listing and direct their clients to your home.

4. Agents know what sells and how to get your house there: at Key Partners, we have a Service Provider program with vetted businesses that know eactly what updates, staging, and repairs will make your home extremely attractive to buyers without wiping out your bank account.   Small fixes, even before inspections, can also mean you’ll lose less in the negotiation process.

5. Agents create competition: agents can create competition in the marketplace by dealing with multiple potential buyers at once; they are expert negotiators. With their plethora of contacts a agents might be able to start a bidding war to allow you to see a sale price for your home that's above your asking price. People who list their homes independently traditionally see a much lower final sale price then their initial asking price.

6. Avoiding conflicts: preparing the final contracts for transferring your home's ownership as well as handling any financing or offers really needs to be done by a professional. An agent will know exactly what type of paperwork needs to be handled before your home can be sold. This can save you time and money down the road and keep your stress levels to a minimum.  After all- you should be looking for your next home and should be excited for your future, not stuck on the details of a contract.’