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The Hidden Market

The property market in Kansas City is teeming with buyers – it's a fact. A fact that may be changing the way houses are bought and sold in our area. MLS and broad catalogs offer the rote approach to known prospects, but there’s another world where sellers are getting connected to the kind of actionable buyers that snap up properties.

            Would you be surprised if we said that today, in Kansas City, there is a very strong seller's market?

            The thing is; it isn't the market that you find when taking the usual approach. Rather, it's the market before the market; the uniquely stable information pool shared by realtors as they prepare your home to be listed.  In business meetings and at social events, your agent is asking other agents if they have something for your needs, and because of the limited inventory right now buyers are snapping up properties before they are even listed at all.  A pre-listing – not yet in the system.

            Your property could be one of these singular listings– with an expert, regionally-networked realtor ready to bring your property to buyers ready to move forward.

            The foundation has already been laid. The structure is in place and well known to buyers, sellers, and agents ready for actionable meetings. Countless listings never make the systems, instead trading from realtor to buyer through invisible yet firmly established networks of communication and exchange. The format is in place: more streamlined and hassle-free than traditional routes. It's a fully operational whisper market – the only entrance fee is interest, savvy, and the right agent.     

            It's a great time to sell, right now. Combining your readiness with one of our agency's realtors represents your integral step towards this invisible, actionable market.