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How's Your Market in KC?

The real estate market, across the board, isn't what we'd call “traditionally hot” at the moment. Yet we have a proposal for you that has to do with a little bit of research, some smart questions, and surprising potential rewards. In Kansas City, today, there is an active property market forecast: conditions, events, and patterns lining up to make some areas ripe for deals – and others a bit fraught and harder to pin down.

            In Brief: Real estate, like any other high-value marketplace, moves in shifts, patters, and “temperatures”. These are measurable, very real statistics that you – and most of the public – have no way of telling, though there are indicators. These include visible sales trends, sales that affect people in your social or home circles, and word of mouth real estate chatter. In Kansas City, this is especially important when it comes to monitoring the market’s facts and fictions. Ever wondered if it really is the time to sell in the outskirts but buy up in the city? And what about your specific area, neighborhood, or division?        

We've got a phone call for you to add to your to-do list: call me to learn about your market.  Knowing how your market is doing is important; it’s all too easy to forget that we don't have to be actively engaged in a specific deal to learn from that same pool of knowledge.  Your market will dictate the improvements you make on your home, the expectations you have of your HOA and will have you prepared for any curveballs.  Plus you’ll be able to impress your neighbors with your knowledge at the next block party!


            We encourage you to find out about your area's real estate – what's moving, what's not moving, which pockets are “hot” - and find out about the goldmine of information and expertise that you can tap into. Call me today or check out my website.


In the same amount of time that you spend ordering a coffee, you could be hearing valuable, actionable news about your area's real estate market. Which regions, neighborhoods, or “pockets” are hot right now? Where has the financial “wind” picked up? Which investments are paying off but with high risk? Which safer bets are yielding less but are promising consistency?

            Put a little time into preparing for the discussion. Make a quick list of questions, ideas that you've had in the back of your mind, projects that friends might have, or general queries about how the market has been moving. Get the most out of the best resource possible: an educated, plugged-in, regional expert and Kansas City Realtor: me.