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I'm Your Agent Beyond The Sale

The idea to buy or sell a home can start as a very small spark: you’re tired of sharing your restroom with teenagers, you’re ready to downsize, you really want that dream kitchen.  It can be very tempting to strike out on your own, feeling unsure if you will actually end up buying or listing.  You’re just looking, nothing serious, then suddenly there’s a house, your perfect space, the one you’ve been looking for and fits all your needs.  You fill out the form on the mass aggregating website you found it on and wait for a response. 

This a common scenario and unfortunately the outcome is not always ideal.  The most popular websites which claim to have the most information available and have very slick marketing often have inaccurate, incomplete, and inconsequential information.  Every agent has run into a client that had their heart set on a home only to find out that home was actually for sale 2 years ago or is already under contract.  Then, all a sudden, you start receiving emails from companies you don’t know, you’re signed up for a daily email from the home search website, and you get a recorded call about mortgage rates and applying for lending.  These sites often sell browser’s information to third parties and their listing information is aggregated from so many places they catch inordinate amounts of incorrect information.

As your agent, I am never too busy to help you.  Even if your search has started as a lark, a whim after seeing an open house in your neighborhood, I will be your best and most accurate source of information.  And despite preconceptions, there is no pressure.  It is my job to know my clients, know the neighborhoods they are interested in and be an expert in realty in this area.  Assisting you in your search, however informal, only adds to my knowledge of the area, helping me serve all my clients. 

In reality, a large part of being an excellent agent is knowing my market, ensuring my clients are thrilled with the properties they buy, and being a resource for everyone.  No need to pay for Angie’s List; I’ve got a strong list of trusted service providers I’ve worked with for years.  No need to wonder if your house will appraise for your refinance; I can show you a complete market analysis that will make very clear the value of your home.  In the end, your agent should be a trusted resource for you regardless of the timing of when you buy are sell.