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Homebuyer's FAQ

Thinking of buying a new home? Here are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that the process is smooth and frustration-free:

Consider Working with a Buyer Agency: Working with a Realtor that is truly committed to helping you is key during the buying process. The ideal candidate should be someone who really knows the area in which you are looking to purchase a new home. Your Realtor should also be able to evaluate values fairly, as well as keep you safe during the buying process.

Look & Listen to Objective Assistance: Keep in mind that your Realtor is not simply trying to get the sale, they truly have your best interest at heart! Their job is to provide you with honest, helpful feedback. This is especially true if a multiple-offer situation arises. Your Realtor can step outside of the oftentimes emotional side of buying a home and give you the business opinion.

Be Pre-Approved: Pre-approval shows that you can actually buy a home, allows you to know what’s in your price range, and you’ll have leverage in negotiations with sellers.

Have Your Down Payment Ready: Having the money (liquid funds) readily available to make a down payment is critical during the buying process. Make sure the money is not tied up in savings accounts, etc., because sometimes you can only pull from these accounts at certain times throughout the year. Previously, buyers would take out No Money Down loans but these are harder to come by nowadays. If you need a No Money Down loan, talk to your Realtor.

Three Common Situations: What if you have to pay full price on the home, how much over full price do you offer to pay? What if you’re involved in a multiple-offer situation? What if you’re being asked to waive the appraisal contingency? These are three very common situations that can arise during the buying process and who better to answer them than your Realtor!

If you have any further questions on how to prepare yourself for the best home buying experience, don’t hesitate to contact me!