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How My Real Estate Network Helps You

The media may be diligent about reporting negative news, but they’re not as reliable on follow-up when things improve. Although the local housing market has become more robust in recent months, the media’s gloom-and-doom message still holds sway over the less-informed. Today, many potential home-sellers continue to take a wait-and-see attitude toward putting their house on the market. With so many hesitating to sell, the number of houses available has dwindled. Inventory is low, and buyers are struggling to find the perfect home with fewer choices available. In this scenario, active realtors like me can make a difference!

Think of me as your real estate match-maker. Using a vast array of technology--along with making many personal phone calls--I proactively search for possible connections. By keeping in touch with both past and present clients and knowing their needs, and by expressing those needs to other agents, I am in a unique position to help buyers and sellers find each other.
How my real estate network helps you
When inventory drops, unusual things can start to happen. Last month one of my colleagues at Keller Williams Key Partners was approached by a man in search of a house in a particular neighborhood. She called a married couple, past clients who lived in that same neighborhood, and asked if they knew anyone interested in selling. “We are!” they told her. A few days later, the two parties had a signed contract, and the buyer is now living in the house of his dreams. All of this was made possible through the efforts of a professional real estate agent who makes it a point to know the client’s needs, and who has a network of people to make it happen. Without that phone call, he might still be searching for his new home.