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Craft Brews & Coffee in KC

Local Beer Brews at Bier StationKansas City has become a mecca for java junkies and beer buffs alike, and the reasons go far beyond The Roasterie and Boulevard Brewing. While these establishments are well-known and loved, and for good reason, a new generation of craft breweries and coffee roasters is taking over the local scene.

Many factors are likely responsible for this industry uptick, from our growing economy to the rise in millennial entrepreneurs starting their own businesses, but one thing is undeniable: people love lattes and lagers. And just as Kansas City is the heart of the U.S., coffee and beer are at the heart of many social events and gatherings. Business meetings, first dates, girlfriend get-togethers and boys’ nights out take place in bar booths and around café tables every day. Now there are more choices than ever, and with so many different options you can find the one that’s perfectly tailored to your taste.

True to Kansas City tradition, every new place that pops up seems to put its own spin on the experience, making each sip an event to be remembered. Monarch, a new café that just opened this year off 35th and Broadway, is described by its owners as “a marriage of coffee and art.” Founded by husband and wife business partners, the couple paired their respective talents for coffee and design to create a visually stunning space and taste bud-tickling treats. Another artful up-and-comer is Crane Brewing in Raytown, whose origami crane logo and rustic taproom are a nod to the carefully handcrafted brews on the menu. Every beer from the Crane collection has its own unique origami-style label that emotes the specific origin and characteristics of the brew that bears it. If you can’t decide between a fresh-brewed coffee or a cold beer, or perhaps you want to start with one and end with the other without having to change locations, check out Colony in North Kansas City. Colony has everything you need in one place: equal parts café, brewery, and handcrafted cocktail bar with an event space to top it all off. Stop by anytime for your drink of choice, or check out their website for a list of concerts and events.  

For additional recommendations, KC Coffee Geek offers a comprehensive list of cafes and roasters that are definitely worth checking out. Perhaps you prefer to get your coffee fix from a dark stout than an actual cup of joe? In that case, check out Visit KC’s website for a list of local breweries to add to your bucket list. If you’re looking for sound advice straight from your peers and open dialogue amongst fellow beer nuts, join the Beer Tasting KC group on Facebook. Cheers!