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The QR Marketing Guide

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The Authors name is  Tyler J. Coffin and I he the author of The QR Code Marketing Guide and CEO of Coffin Media Works.

The QR Code Marketing Guide is designed to keep you, the reader, up to date on:

The newest QR Code Technology
Essential tools for marketing with QR Codes
The best/worst QR Code generators and readers
How-To’s for QR Code marketing
Tutorials for creating successful QR Code marketing campaigns
QR Code best practices
Common mistakes to avoid when marketing with QR Codes
QR Code news and notes
And much more!

Tyler's Back ground:

Marketing, marketing and more marketing. He has done it all. He has worked as a top performer at a successful mid-sized marketing company, to a position as a digital sales manager at the media powerhouse of NBC Universal, to a jack-of-all-trades at an international start-up, and finally working for himself as an entrepreneur.

Over the years he has worked with his clients to deliver website design strategies, internet marketing techniques (SEO, PPC, SEM), traditional marketing techniques including print & television, and most recently, social media marketing. These different marketing mediums are beginning to converge now more than ever. His background has put him on the perfect track to deliver to you a comprehensive guide to QR Code marketing.

Why QR Codes?

Using QR Codes in marketing is such a new medium and very few are qualified or have the experience to share their knowledge with you. The ones who do have the knowledge typically do so to promote a single product or service. I plan to share my knowledge of ALL QR Code generators and scanners, which will give you, the reader, the best and most unbiased QR Code information on the web.

As a marketer or business owner you will not only enjoy this QR Code eBook but will also enjoy being an active member of The QR Code Marketing Guide community. If you have questions, concerns, comments or just want to share a success story, you can go to the facebook page at:  http://www.facebook.com/TheQRCodeMarketingGuide