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Quick Tips: Natural Remedies That Work, Part 1: Minor Burns, Bruises,

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Natural Remedies That Work, Part 1:
Minor Burns, Bruises, Cuts And Scrapes

natural remedies Nature has provided us with numerous natural remedies that often work better than synthetic versions at the pharmacy. Keep these four tips handy for your next minor mishap:

French fried. Did you catch the edge of a 500-degree oven rack with your arm again? Even first-degree burns can sting hours later. To soothe the pain, grab a slice of raw potato, raw onion, or if in the fall season, a handful of raw pumpkin pulp. Place it against the burn for fifteen minutes, remove for five, and re-apply a fresh piece for another fifteen.

Sunburn smoothie. Speaking of fun in the sun, too much can end up in a painful, sleepless night. For a soothing compress, fill a quart-sized jar with ice; add milk and two tablespoons of salt. Soak a washcloth in the mixture and lightly compress the affected area for fifteen minutes, four times a day, for progressive relief.

Bruises begone. Got an unsightly bruise on your arm or leg but still want to hit the beach? Make it fade, or even disappear, with blackstrap molasses. Just spread a thin layer over a section of brown grocery-bag paper and place it over the bruise. Secure with medical tape (not too tight!).

Peel patch. Minor cuts and scrapes can get a dramatic healing boost. After cleaning your minor wound, place the inside of a banana peel directly on it and secure in place with medical tape. However silly it looks, changing the peel every three to four hours provides remarkable and rapid results! This is another good reason to pack bananas when you go camping (along with the eating them, of course).




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Quick Tips: Natural Remedies That Work, Part 1: Minor Burns, Bruises, Cuts And Scrapes