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Is an Open House Really Necessary?

Yes, this is why!

The debate on whether open houses are effective or not seems to never end among real estate agents. Today we are going to discuss the argument for open houses and why.

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Discuss why many people think that open houses are for agents to pick up buyers that are not represented but are looking.

Many agents love the nosey neighbors and only to get their name out. If they are showcasing the property well and host a great event, then the word of mouth gets out about the agent.

But that leaves the seller saying what about selling my house? This is where I think the open house gets a bad rap.

This leads to the main question when hiring your realtor? Are they going to host an open house to promo your property or generate leads?

Open houses work, Broker previews work and why. It is a piece of the overall puzzle. All the pieces of marketing come together to complete the sale.

Things you need to know before you host your open house.