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Landlord’s Secrets Unveiled for a Perfect Rental Podcast



Renter's Podcast Episode 

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  1. Searching for Apartments
    1. Online
      1. Apartments .com
      2. ForRent
      3. Hotpads
      4. Craigslist
      1. Why use them
      2. MLS
    2. Using a Broker/Agent
      1. Amenities
      2. Location
      3. Rules -BBQs, guests, etc.
        1. Hardwood floors vs carpets
      4. Dogs/cats - limitations on weight and number
    3. Things to consider
      1. Who is going to be on the lease?
      2. Security deposit
        1. Painting
        2. Guests
        3. Parking
        4. When and who can enter your apartment
        5. Changing the locks
      3. Terms and conditions to watch for
      4. What is included?
    4. Signing the lease
      1. Contact the Utility Company
      2. Set up cable - see if they allow the dish prior to calling or you will pay!
        1. Walls
        2. Condition of carpet - stains
        3. Interior of Stove/Fridge
        4. Doors for damage
      3. Take video and pictures - most important part.
      4. Use the provided checklist and make notes
        1. What it covers - to the walls and personal possession
      5. Getting renters insurance - cheap - a must
    5. Prior to moving in
      1. Know your rights on entry
      2. Get proper notice - quiet enjoyment
      3. Have a contact in your phone in case of an emergency
      4. Know your rights on pay to stay laws.  If your landlord is accepting partial payments, then your entitled to staying under the terms of the lease.
      5. Neighbors - Minor disputes - be friendly, try to resolve, get management involved, break the lease.
        1. If they don't then it's time to issue formal notices and withhold rent.
      6. Repair Request - If its safety then make sure you document the issues.
    6. While living at the premises
    7. Document everything - Keep a journal Document all interactions with your landlord — both good and bad. Note phone calls and conversations, save emails and text messages, and document late rent payments, notices served, warnings issued, complaints, maintenance requests, requests to enter the unit, and what happens inside once you do.
      1. Certified mail is a must
      2. Remember in most states it is calendar to calendar.  30 days.  Give notice On June 1st you may have to pay July's full rent as the calendar overlaps.
      3. Review Pictures for items to fix
      4. Remember it will cost you 1.5 times or more to have it fixed by the landlord.
      5. Have the discussion with your roommates early on about the security deposit refund as it will likely be refunded via one check.
      6. In most states the Security Deposit can't be used as form of payment. 
      7. Be proactive on reaching out.  Security deposits must be returned in a timely fashion or there are steep penalties.
      8. Get a testimonial if it was a great relationship - You'll need it on the next screening or loan application.
    8. Moving out - Make sure you give proper notice