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How to Sell your Home Faster and for More Money!!!

Today I want to share with you 4 secrets in real estate. I am a Twin Cities Real Estate Broker and I want to share with you four secrets to success.  To sell your home for the most money, you MUST increase the perceived value of your home by making it stand out - or different - from the competition and doing it SO WELL that you get the absolute best results from your home sale. How do we do that? Well I am going to give you 4 great secrets that will get you up to 15% more on your selling your home. That's right up to 15% more just following these 4 secrets. 

#1 Get Expert staging advice, a proven way of making your home look great! A professionally staged home can sell for 6-10% more money, sit for less time on the market, and attract more offers to increase your odds of selling. There is a difference between decorating and staging. Staging you pull out most things to look roomy and spacious, while decorating is bringing things in to make it look like your taste. This is why it is important to get expert staging advice. 

#2 Get an upgrade analysis of your home. Take a look at your competition before going on the market. If there are 4 homes in your area that all have the same look, you need to see what can you upgrade to make yours stand out? Granite counter tops, new appliances, any one upgrade that will get buyers to see that you are different. I am not saying you need to drop tons on a new kitchen, but countertops go a long way. Upgrades can substantially increase your sales price BEFORE listing it on the market.

#3 Get a professional pre-inspection. Inspections are the #1 deal killer in a transaction. You need to uncover major repairs and provide a clean bill of health for your buyer. This positions your home to attract the highest offers by leveraging a preemptive negotiation strategy. You'll also save 2-4% in repair costs versus making the repairs should a buyer find out about any needed repairs.

#4 is a home warranty - Just like a certified pre owned vehicle, buyers want to know your property will be free of major mechanical breakdowns for 12 months post-sale. Market research shows properties with home warranties sell faster and for 2.2% more money.
To sell your home for the most money, you MUST increase the perceived value of your home by making it stand out. If you follow these 4 easy secrets, you can expect selling faster for more money.

I am Jim Sipprell and thank you for watching.