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New True Lifestyle Cost Search Available from Providential Properties


As a buyer you need a Realtor who is more more engaged in the overall process. Providential Properties now has a ­better experience.  I am pleased to announce that we now have a new way of searching for your home.  True Lifestyle Cost or TCL can now factor in 31 variables, including commuting, parking, gas, car insurance and child-care costs. The service is free and can be applied to any listing in the system. For buyers, it’s a first step before the real shopping begins. With an agent to assist, buyers enter their income, expenses and other variables that can affect affordability, then TLC determines how much you can spend. Then, it’s time to shop for houses that fit within those parameters.

The system will constantly be updated and expanded. One of the latest changes, for example, considers whether a buyer will qualify for a mortgage under today’s newer, tougher “QM” (qualified mortgage) underwriting rules.

True Lifestyle Cost is now available from Providential Properties  Call Jim Today!