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4 Steps to Sell Your Home Faster and For More Money!

4 Steps to sell your home faster and get you up to 15% more money on the sale of your home.

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  1. Obtain an upgrade analysis

    1. Go out prior to listing your home and see your competition.

      1. Look at 4 homes with the same sqft within the area.

      2. Look at what you can upgrade to make it stand out.

        1. Paint

        2. Carpet

        3. Appliances

        4. Countertops

        5. Bathrooms

        6. Flooring

  2. Get an inspection prior to listing and get the items fixed

    1. Sump pumps

    2. What can be critical vs cosmetic

    3. First time buyer’s expectations


  3. Staged home 6-10% more money than a non-staged home.


  4. Home warranty’s 11 days faster and on average for $2314.00 more money. This is 3x the actual investment. Just like a certified used car.This will give your buyers a worry free 12 month period.

    1. Benefits to Home Buyers 

      1. Our real estate plans protect your house, so you can focus on making it your home.

      2.  Don’t stress about potential undetectable pre-existing conditions (like lack of maintenance and mismatched systems) — they’re covered!

      3.  Get reviews of home warranty companies and read the fine print.

    2. Benefits to Home Sellers

      1. Sell faster, for more money and with fewer worries.

      2.  Gain confidence and comfort knowing that your budget is protected while your home is on the market.

      3.  Mitigate unexpected issues from the home inspection to keep the sale of your home on track.


  1. Perceived value must appear greater.

    1. Other items can include curb appeal such as drive ways, landscaping, and sidewalks.


    2. Curb Appeal