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Easy to Create CMA Report



So you just got a lead notification that someone wants to know the value of their home.  What do you do now?  Create a CMA report for them right from your Agent Marketing account!  It's as easy as adding the property in from your Properties page, and after doing that, a few more clicks creates the CMA Report.  The CMA report contains the value for the home, as well as lots of good information about selling a home.  You can choose to leave all of those pages in the CMA Report or pick and choose which ones you want to include.

You may ask, why do I have to add it into my Properties page just like a single property website for my listing?  Think about this....you get the lead of someone wanting to know the value of their home.  Looks like they might be interested in selling right?  They will need a real estate agent right?  So who better than you!  Add the property in, create the CMA report, send it over to them.  You can even give them a call and see if you can set up a Listing Presentation meeting.  And guess what...you already have a website created for their listing, which automatically gives you a Property Specific Listing Presentation to use when you meet with them.

Here are a few pages you can find throughout the CMA Report PDF: