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How To Have A Modern Open House

Maybe you've developed some killer open house strategies over the years that never fail. People visit, they tour the home, they have a great time... You could stick to your routine and do it the same way every time you hold an open house. But what would be the fun in that?

Time to mix it up! Here are five ways you can use the tools on ePropertySites to throw a fabulous, well-attended and modern open house:

1. Order a custom open house sign
You're working hard to grow your business. Open houses can help by giving you some great visibility in your community, and your open house signs play a large part in doing so. Don't run the risk of being overlooked with your generic open house signs. Create a customized sign that includes your photo, logo, and website address to make sure you're not only noticed, but remembered!

2. Invite the neighbors with door hangers
Want to meet the neighbors and turn them into new clients? It's easy when you set aside time to meet with them exclusively. Order custom door hangers inviting neighbors to come 30 minutes early for hors d'oeuvres and a special "neighborhood only" showing.

3. Blog it
Create an open house property blog and post it to Craigslist, Facebook and Twitter. Leverage the power of the ePropertySites blogging platform to use basic SEO methods to get your post on the first page of organic search results in Google and Bing.

4. Use digital sign in
Show your sellers and open house visitors what a tech-savvy agent you are by utilizing a digital registration system like LookyLeads. Visitors will enjoy the instant access to information about the listing; the moment they register, they're sent a text with the property details and a feedback request form goes out to their email. Sellers will love the security of keeping a digital record of visitors, and you'll be able to turn each prospective buyer into a new lead!

5. Display the property website on your laptop
You worked hard to create a unique and creative property site for your sellers, proving that you go above and beyond for your clients. Make sure your open house visitors are able to see your beautiful site by displaying it prominently during the open house on your iPad, laptop, or even connecting it to your sellers' big screen TV.

Show your clients that you not only embrace modern tools for your open houses, but you've also completely mastered them. Toss out that old sign-in sheet and boring open house sign and show the world you're an innovative, industrious, and truly modern real estate professional.