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What to do after an Open House


I thought this would be useful to those out there that are thinking of buying a new home and going to open houses. 

If you want the home
1.    Determine your best offer. Work with your real estate agent to identify your initial bid, look up the home's history and factor needed repairs to make your offer. If you don’t have an agent, give us a call. 
If you're not sure about the home
2.    Sleep on it. If you're not 100 percent sure, get a good night's rest and see how you feel in the morning. 
3.    Know your deal-breakers. Which features match up to your list or don’t? 
4.    Take a second look and bring a friend who can offer a fresh perspective and honest opinion. 
5.    Consider your lifestyle. When you imagine yourself living in the home, is it still a good fit? 
6.    Think about add-ons.Does the home need any updates or repairs?What will maintenance entail? Consider all the extras to see if the home still feels like a good deal.
7.    Revisit at different times of day. Make sure the property & neighborhood suits you at all times around the clock. 
8.    Trust your gut. If your inner voice of reason is chattering away try to figure out what it's telling you.

You hated the home 
9.    Identify the issues you didn't like. Remember them when you visit new listings.
10.    Broaden your horizons. Expand your search into areas or features you haven't yet considered.
11.    Don't settle. There's a big difference between making a few small compromises and making a big mistake you'll have to live with for years