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Vote to strengthen Florid's economy Vote yes on Amendment 4

Amendment 4 is a constitutional amendment on Florida’s ballot this year. This proposal will lower property taxes for new homebuyers and spur much-needed economic growth in the housing market by offering a healthy new exemption for first-time homebuyers.

Amendment 4 will also protect working families, small businesses and homeowners from unfair and unexpected tax increases by helping to stop “recapture,” a tax gimmick that increases property taxes even when property values decline.

Finally, Amendment 4 will lower assessment increases on non-homestead properties from a burdensome 10 percent to a more reasonable 5 percent.

  • Amendment 4 creates an additional homestead exemption for first-time homebuyers for 5 years.
  • Amendment 4 protects Floridians from increased property taxes when their property values have declined.
  • Amendment 4 lowers the maximum yearly assessment increase on non-homestead properties from 10 percent to 5 percent.

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Q: Does this new homestead exemption replace the exemption in current law?
A: No. The new homestead exemption in Amendment 4 is applied in addition to your current homestead exemption.

Q: Won’t creating an additional homestead exemption affect the funding of police officers and firefighters?
A: Amendment 4 is not retroactive and does nothing to affect the current budgets of local governments.

Q: Does Amendment 4 change or reduce “Save Our Homes”, which caps assessment increases at 3% per year for homestead property, at all?
A: No.

Q: If local governments are not able to raise the assessed value of a property that has gone down in market value, won’t they just raise millage rates?
A: It is the local government’s decision whether to raise taxes on Florida homeowners or not. Amendment 4 simply gives the Legislature the authority to protect homeowners from burdensome, unfair tax increases if the value of their home goes down.

Q: Exactly how much is this new homestead exemption?
A: The additional homestead exemption that Amendment 4 creates is equal to half of the home’s value, up to the median home value in the county.

Learn more: http://www.taxyourassetsoff.com

Start spreading the news: Vote Yes on Amendment 4

Yeson4logo_smPassage of Amendment 4 on Nov. 6 will help strengthen Florida’s economy, create new jobs and boost the housing market’s recovery. You can help: Share the “Vote Yes on Amendment 4” message with Realtor colleagues, family, friends and everyone you know.

Here are 10 things you can do right now: Email tagline: A “Vote Yes on Amendment 4” tagline in your email signature is a great way to show support, plus it promotes passage of Amendment 4 to everyone in your sphere of influence, or even to casual acquaintances. It also serves as a reminder to take action and go to the polls to Vote Yes on Amendment 4. Download the “Vote Yes on Amendment 4” graphic from the Amendment 4 Center on floridarealtors.org. You can add the graphic to your email tagline, along with a link to the public Yes on Amendment 4 campaign site at www.TaxYourAssetsOff.com.

Phone calls/voice mail message: Add the Vote Yes on Amendment 4 tagline to your voice mail message. It shows your support, and reminds others how important it is to pass Amendment 4 on Nov. 6. You can add your top reason, if you’d like. For example: “You’ve reached Jane Smith. I’m away from my desk, but please leave your name, number and a brief message, and I’ll return your call as soon as possible. And please remember to Vote Yes on Amendment 4 on Nov. 6: It will create jobs and grow Florida’s economy! The next time someone who’s heard your message talks with you or follows up with a phone call, he or she just may ask you for more information about Amendment 4.

Elevator speech: This is the foundation for any grassroots advocacy campaign. Decide your reasons for voting Yes on Amendment 4, and share them with others. Say you’re in an elevator with a couple of people and have maybe a minute to tell them why they should Vote Yes on Amendment 4. What would you say? Your personal, easy-to-understand reasons will resonate with others, and you’ll influence more people than you’ll realize. As you talk about the news of the day with someone, you can mention Amendment 4 and help educate him or her on why voting Yes on Amendment 4 is the right thing to do for Florida’s future.

Website: Add the Vote Yes on Amendment 4 graphic to your website or personal webpage. Share the link to the Yes on Amendment 4 campaign website at www.TaxYourAssetsOff.com. Share with Realtor colleagues the link to the Amendment 4 Center on floridrealtors.org. If you write a blog for your website, consider “Vote Yes on Amendment 4” as a great topic for it.

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter: Another good place to demonstrate your personal support for Amendment 4 – and ask others to Vote Yes on Amendment 4 – is on Facebook or Twitter. You can pick one reason to vote Yes and share that as separate posts at different times; you can post the Vote Yes on Amendment 4 graphic; you could link to one of the campaign videos on www.TaxYourAssetsOff.com, etc.

Yard signs: Place a Yes on Amendment 4 sign in your yard as a show of support to all to your neighbors and others. Contact your local board/association to ask for a Yes on Amendment 4 yard sign!

Write a letter to the editor: Go public – share your reasons for voting Yes on Amendment 4 with your local newspaper or community newsletter. Local media outlets are always looking for citizen input; they’re likely to run the letters, but you’ll need to meet their criteria and other requirements. Keep it short, to the point and easily understood, and realize that you’ll be identified by name and either your city or business. Anonymous letters usually are not accepted.

Put up flyers: Download the Vote Yes on Amendment 4 flyer (on the Amendment 4 Center on floridarealtors.org) and make copies to post around your community. Go to prominent locations around your city, such as libraries, college campuses, churches, downtown restaurants or businesses, and ask permission to post them on a bulletin board or place them in a window.

Speak at community events: Ask if you can take a few minutes to mention Amendment 4 at the next Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, PTA or any meeting of your professional associations, community groups and activities. You may get permission to speak directly about why people should Vote Yes on Amendment 4, but if not, you can remind people to go vote on Nov. 6, and let them know they can come ask you for more information about Amendment 4. Think of it as a public service announcement. And you can always share how to find out more through the Amendment 4 public campaign website, www.TaxYourAssetsOff.com.

Pledge to spread the word: Set a goal to talk about Amendment 4 to a number of people each week or before the Nov. 6 election. Just think, if you start the week of Aug. 1 and talk to just five people per week, you could connect with 75 people by the election. If those five people each talk to five more people, imagine how quickly and exponentially the Vote Yes on Amendment 4 movement can grow.

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