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Which Trees are Great for Those with Smaller Spaces?

If you recently purchased a home in Savannah or you’re thinking of buying one, you may need to know which trees will fit in smaller spaces. Some homes don’t have a ton of space and cannot support a huge, towering tree. Of course, you may have plenty of room, but prefer a smaller tree for a corner or bare area in your yard.

Choosing the right tree will make a difference. Some trees grow faster than others, while others will top out at a much smaller height than others, as well. Most trees and shrubs are considered evergreen or deciduous, which means they lose their leaves in the fall. Evergreen trees will keep their foliage all year.

Here are some of the best small trees to consider for your Savannah home.

Crape myrtle

A great tree for regions like Georgia with hot summers, the crape myrtle is a vibrant ping color. It will show flowers in the summer and provides awesome colors in the fall, as well.

Fringe Tree

The white petals not only give this tree its name, but also provide a unique look. It’s known for clusters of lacy flowers and makes a great addition to any yard.

Dwarf Hinoki False Cypress

An evergreen tree with a layered look, this green tree provides scale like leaves when it’s mature.

Japanese Maple

A bit larger, but still a smaller tree, the Japanese male is very popular. It’s a beautiful choice with purple colored leaves adding a touch of beautiful color to your yard. Many choose the Japanese maple because it’s not as small as a bush, but it won’t get as big as a tall oak tree, either. It falls in the middle and provides a burst of color.


Hop Bush

An evergreen shrub providing a good choice if you want to train it into a tree, the Hop Bush provides a unique green and bronze color. It’s the perfect way to add color to your yard without going overboard.

Saucer Magnolia

You simply cannot go wrong with a Saucer Magnolia. This tree provides incredible pink, purple, white and red flowers. Some will even become a rich yellow color adding plenty of color to your yard.

Kousa Dogwood

A shrub you can keep as a multi-stemmed shrub or train in to a small tree, the Kousa Dogwood provides petal-like leaves perfect for a burst of beauty in the spring season.

Citrus Tree

Not only will you get plenty of delicious fruit from your citrus tree, but you will also get to enjoy fragrant flowers. These trees remain beautiful year-round and provide more than just something to look at.

Vine Maple

Leaves with a red tint to them when brand new, the vine maple will actually change colors with the season. The leaves become green when they mature and will end up as an orange, yellow and scarlet color before falling off the tree in the fall.

Ornamental Crabtree

If you want to add clusters of pink, white and red flowers in the spring, an Ornamental Crabtree is a great choice. This is one of the prettiest trees you can add to your yard when it blooms in the spring.

There are several great small trees you can add to your Savannah homes. Some will add color and fragrance, while others will provide a beautiful green and remain smaller. Whether you want a shrub or tree, you can choose from the list above to make your yard more appealing.