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What Belongs in Your New Homeowner’s Tool Kit?

After buying your home, you need to make sure you can keep it up. There are certain tools that will make keeping everything in great working shape much easier. You don’t need to go out and buy a ton of fancy power tools, but there are some tools you’ll be glad you have around the house.

Even if you’re not a very handy person, having the right tools will make any DIY project easier. From hanging up pictures to tightening a screw on a door handle, you need the right tools. Here’s a look at some of the tools you should add to your new homeowner’s tool kit.

The Basics

At the very least, you should have enough tools to hang pictures and tighten screws. The basic tools you should add to your took kit include:

  • A hammer
  • Phillips head screw driver
  • Flathead or Standard screw driver
  • Pliers
  • Measuring tape
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Utility blade
  • Scissors

If you have these basic tools, you can handle many simple jobs around the house. However, if you plan on taking care of other jobs or you have a knack for fixing things, you’ll need more than just the basics.

Additional Tools to Consider

Along with the basics, you may want to consider many other tools. If you can afford a good cordless drill, you’ll be happy you bought it. Not only will it come in handy when you need a drill, but it will also act as a power screw driver, which is great around the house. You may also want to consider a power sander, if you plan to do many DIY projects around your home.

Some of the other items to add to your new homeowner’s tool kit include:

  • A 6-foot ladder
  • Rolls of Duct Tape
  • Assorted sizes of paint brushes
  • Flashlights with extra batteries
  • A level
  • A stud finder
  • A three-gallon or five-gallon bucket
  • Plumber’s tape
  • 50-foot extension cord
  • A can of WD-40 oil

Along with these tools, you may find you need others as you get into projects. Maybe a power saw or hand saw will come in handy or even a few other power tools.

Finding and Buying Your New Tools

If you’re starting from scratch and you only plan on buying the basics, you probably don’t want to spend much. Maybe you’re not very handy, but would like to have the basics around just in case a screw comes loose or you want to hang a few pictures on the wall. The best way to buy a basic took kit is to search on Amazon.com or another online marketplace for an all-in-one kit. You may even end up with a few more tools than you planned, which can be great.

Those seeking to add more than just the basic tools to their new homeowner’s took kit may need to search in other places. If you’re budget is tight, craigslist.org and garage sales can be great for finding good, used power tools. However, you will need to make sure you verify the tool works before purchasing it and watch out for frayed electrical cords. If it’s a cordless tool, use it enough to verify the battery will last quite a while.

Another great place to find bargain items is Habitat for Humanity ReStores. They will also have many of the household items you need, such as screws and nails. In addition, when you buy from the ReStores, you’ll be helping a good cause.

After you buy a new home, it’s a good idea to have some tools on hand. Get at least the basics and over time, you may find that you build your collection.