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Top Craft Breweries Found in Savannah

If you love beer, you’ll love discovering the top craft breweries found in Savannah, GA. There are plenty of great choices with excellent local brews you can try. As the craft brewery scene continues to explode, you may find a brewery in your neighborhood very soon.

For now, there are four excellent breweries you should consider throughout Savannah. Here are the top four craft breweries found within the city and each one is worth a try.

Service Brewing Company

A socially conscious local business founded by a former Army commander, Service Brewing Company provides excellent choices for all thirsty individuals. They have helped to raise thousands for local, regional and national organizations helping to assist veterans throughout the country.

Not only does the brewery create great beer, but they also have a way of getting local artists involved. Many patriotic themed tap handles were designed by local artists for the brewery. Service Brewing Company also keeps their own bees in a private apiary, which gives them their own honey for test beers and a unique house strain of yeast.

The brewery features both year-round beers and seasonal brews. They also do some small batch beers. Some of the most popular year-round brews include the Ground Pounder Pale Ale, Scouts Out Honey Saison and the Rally Point Bohemian Style Pilsner.

Moon River Brewing Company

Probably the most recognizable of the Savannah brewing companies, Moon River is known for the large Beer Garden, which is dog friendly. They provide more than just beer with great food, rustic decor and so much more.

The brewing company actually took over an old hotel in 1999, which was turned into a brewpub. They serve up fresh foods with many unique choices. You can even ask for a pairing to get the perfect brew to match your dish.

Some of the most popular beers from Moon River include the Yoga Pants, Swamp Fox, Boucane and the Captain’s Porter. They also provide seasonal and specialty beers on rotating taps.

Coastal Empire Beer Company

It didn’t take long for Coastal Empire to make a splash in Savannah. They launched n the first night of the First Annual Savannah Craft Beer Week and within the first week the Savannah Brown Ale had already placed first at the Savannah Craft Brew Fest.

The company started as a contract brewery, but became a production brewery after incredible popularity for their beers. They provide regular tastings and tours with plenty to offer the craft beer community. Their brews have won medals at the US Open Beer Championship multiple times and even at the Great American Beer Festival.

Some of the most popular beers you will find from Coastal Empire Beer Company include the Savannah Brown Ale, Inshore Slam IPA and the Southern Delight Praline Amber. They also provide many events throughout the year with limited release brews.

Southbound Brewing Company

As the first production microbrewery in Georgia, Southbound Brewing Company has set quite the standard for custom beers produced in small batches. It’s a relaxed atmosphere featuring plenty of fun events throughout the year with live music. They offer regular tours with tastings and you don’t need a reservation to enjoy the fun.

Since this brewery handles many small batches, they are best known for the incredible limited releases. You’ll find something different here just about every single time you go.

If you love beer, these four Savannah breweries are a great place to go. You can enjoy tours, tastings or just grab a pint of something unique. Whether out on a date or just enjoying time with friends, head to any of these four breweries for a great time.