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A Look Back on Savannah’s 2016 Accolades

The year has come to a close and as we turn the calendar to 2017, it’s always nice to look back. Savannah was given many accolades throughout 2016. Here’s a look at just a few of the many awards this amazing city received throughout last year.

#3 on “Best Cities in the U.S.”

Travel & Leisure magazine publishes an annual list of the “Best Cities in the U.S.” In 2016, Savannah, GA was named to this list in the #3 spot. The city was even listed in the top 10 on the “World’s Best Cities” list from Travel & Leisure. This was the first time the city made it so high on the list and Savannah came in at #9 in the world.

The main reasons the city received both of these accolades have to do with the history, charm and beauty. Savannah has become a cultural place for those looking to learn about the south, enjoy the outdoors and experience some incredible shopping and dining.

Favorite Place in America to Visit

Another list published by Travel & Leisure Magazine is the favorite places in America to visit. This is actually a poll allowing readers to vote for their favorite places. Savannah, of course, made this list, but it was also named at the #11 spot on the Travel & Leisure list of America’s friendliest cities.

#5 on List of Best Romantic Getaways in the USA

While it’s not surprising that a city known as The Hostess City would be named to the list of best romantic getaways, it came in rather high at #5. Savannah has long been known as a popular destination for travelers, but the reputation has spread. The list was published by U.S. News Travel and cited the charm of Savannah.

The Telegraph in London included Savannah in their list of 50 US Experiences you Must have on your Bucket List. It was also one of the top 12 recommendations on Mashable for a future trip. Not only has Savannah made a splash with those already in the United States, but it’s also spread the reputation to those across the pond.

Top Place for Moviemakers

Savannah has been a hot spot for movies and TV shows for many years. However, it’s not just a great place to shoot a movie. Movie Maker Magazine published a list of the best places to live and work as a moviemaker and Savannah took the top spot.

With world-class filmmaking facilities, beautiful Historic Districts and plenty of incredible islands, this really doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

#9 for Retirement

Many new residents move to Savannah, GA every single year, but it hasn’t been known as a top retirement destination like the many spots found a bit further south in Florida. However, in 2016, Conde Nast Traveler ranked Savannah as the 9th best city to retire in the United States.

This was based on a poll of readers age 68 and older. With the temperate climate, slower than normal pace and the beauty of the city, many are starting to see Savannah as a great place to live out their days in retirement. Of course, the top rated golf courses and amazing art scene also play a part in this.

Savannah, Georgia is one of the top destinations in the United States for visitors and for those looking for a new place to call home. It has been named to the top of many lists from travel magazines and other publications. The above accolades are just a few given to the city in 2016. Many other publications recognized the city for the beauty, charm, affordability and many other incredible attributes.