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Forsyth Park: Full of History and Beauty

Forsyth Park is the largest park found in the historic district of Savannah. It takes up about 30 acres of land found just to the north of Park Avenue and to the south of Gaston Street. The park’s eastern border is found at Drayton Street and Whitaker makes up the western border.

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Forsyth Park serves as the center of the social scene in the historic district as a host for many concerts, sporting events and so much more. Residents often enjoy people watching, relaxing, reading and all kinds of activities throughout the park. Saturdays are especially popular due to the Farmer’s Market held in the park.

History at Forsyth Park

The park was actually laid out and created in the 1840s. William Hodgson donated the land for the original space, while John Forsyth donated another 20 acres in 1851 for the park. John Forsyth, whom the park is named after, was the 33rd Governor of Georgia.

The Confederate Monument

Confederate Monument at Forsyth ParkOne of the most historic features of the park is the Confederate Monument. This monument was introduced into the park in 1879 and sits in the center of the park. It’s a large column with a bronze soldier found on the top. David Richards was the sculptor from New York City creating the monument and dedicating it to the men who fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War.

Forsyth Park was chosen as the home for the monument because the South drilled in the park before they were sent into battle.

Originally, two statues named “Silence” and “Judgement” were actually chosen to be placed in the park to honor the Confederate soldiers. However, the people of Savannah didn’t view these monuments favorably and they were moved. “Silence” is found in the Laurel Grove Cemetery and “Judgement” is found in a cemetery located in Thomasville, Georgia.

The Fountain

Forsyth Park FountainMaybe the most known feature found in the park is the large fountain found on the northern side of the park. The fountain was created in 1858. It resembles a few other fountains found in the world including one in Peru and one in Paris. The Place de la Concorde fountain found in Cuzco, Peru is one of the fountains the Forsyth Park fountain is modeled after.

Benches surround the fountain and provide a place to sit and enjoy the beauty. This is a popular spot for people watching, relaxing, reading and just enjoying the view.

St. Patrick’s Day brings green water to the fountain and a ceremony for turning the water green. Hundreds, sometimes even thousands of locals come out for the ceremony every year.

Events Held at Forsyth Park

Sidewalk Arts FestivalEvery year, a number of events are held at Forsyth Park for residents and visitors to enjoy. The top events on the calendar annually include:

  • Savanna Children’s Book Festival
  • The Color Run
  • Sidewalk Arts Festival
  • Picnic in the Park
  • Picnic in the Park Concert
  • Savannah Jazz Festival
  • Savannah Fashion Week

Many other events are also help at the park throughout the year including free movies in the parks and other special events.

An Unforgettable Sight

Visitors from all over the world come to Savannah to enjoy Forsyth Park. This historic park is one of the iconic landmarks of the city. Planners of the park dreamed of creating a park able to provide amazing views years later. These visionaries have realized their dream and the park still stands as one of the most beautiful in the south.

If you’re a resident living near the Forsyth Park area or you’re new to Savannah, spending regular time at the park will help you escape the busyness of life. Make sure to enjoy the fountain, the monument and come for a few special events each year. You won’t be disappointed, but instead, you will be left in awe.