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How is the market doing in your area?

  We have not seen a slowdown of homes moving quickly here in the West Michigan marketplace. Be aware that not ALL properties are enjoying this rapid ascent in equity but for the most part sellers are enjoying the opportunity to make money to move to a bigger home because of the added equity. I’ve seen properties that were selling in the 80’s and 90’s that are now in the low to mid 120’s. It has priced several people out of the market. We’re also aware that the income buyer’s make has not accelerated along with the real estate market. So what are some people to do? Do they not still have the same rights as everyone else or do they stay as renters the rest of their lives. I think that there should be program(s) to make housing more affordable for the people who need it.

 I don’t begrudge anyone who’ve worked hard, bought their home(s) and made(in this market) huge profits but we have to think of the little guy, the one who is trying to step out themselves and do the same for themselves and their families. Some I just shake my head and think what can one person do to make that difference. Be aware that real estate is cyclical. It has it’s ups and downs. I’ve been thru the highs and the lows in this marketplace for well over 30 years and I’m still at it. I firmly believe buying a home is a natural progression as we grow and mature. I also know that it is not for everyone. I do know that it’s important to me to do the best job I can in assisting/navigating them thru the little intricacies in purchasing a home. My hope is that the market tapers off and prices are a realistic level to make it affordable for anyone who chooses to go to that next step.

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