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Be aware of how you respond to texts/emails/voicemails etc.

Be aware of how you respond to texts/emails/voicemails etc.

 I was recently at our company wide meeting and one of the presenters brought up how we engage with people when they email/text us etc. How many times when people communicate with you and I and the first thing we want to do is reply. Sometimes we need to pause BEFORE we do anything. We get caught up in the moment thinking that a response is something we have to do. We don’t take time to assess what’s in front of us and sometimes the reply is really what we didn’t want/need to say in the first place. I am very guilty of this fact. I NEED to take extra time and think before I act.

  We have to remember once it’s replied to, posted or put out there it’s gone for good. Then we try our best to retrieve it but we know that won’t happen. We live in a society where we think we have to reply to everything that people throw at us. Learn to think things thru and process them first. Ask (if possible) questions first then come up with the answer that you really wanted to use in the first place. Engaging with people can be a difficult task at times. We are all so different. No 2 people are alike. We have to exercise patience especially when we are dealing with people.  We don’t know the day that they are having to say some of the things that they say. Some things need to be taken with a grain of salt. Sometimes we just have to give grace where grace is needed. I think of this sometimes when I’m dealing with a difficult person. How do you deal with it? What tips can you share with others? I would like to know. It can help me, and others to be better people who can empathize with others.


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