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Are you thinking on holding off purchasing a home?

 Prices of homes (new and resale) are still going up with no end in sight. I’m aware of the change in season here in Michigan but it is still a great time to buy and a great time to sell real estate. I have had some of my clients tell me they want to wait until spring when the snow is gone. Waiting until that time will cost you additional monies that you may not want to spend.

  With the rising prices in renting the same home you come out saving being a homeowner. Why put it off? You do have to live somewhere. Why not in a place that will make you money vs giving it away by renting. I understand the argument of renting and if something goes wrong someone else has to fix it. That’s where a home warranty comes into play. With one of those in place it should give you peace of mind. The people who I have convinced to get one they say it’s money well spent. So since you know you have to live somewhere why not invest in you? Why not step out on a limb and become a homeowner? It’s not that I’m trying to pressure someone into buying BUT I believe it’s the logical thing to do. I’ve told many a buyer it’s the best “bank” you have. The return on your investment far outweighs whatever paltry interest in a savings account.

  You need to step out on faith, save your money and pull the trigger. There are several professional real estate here and wherever you to assist you in the best move YOU can make.