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Home Owner’s Association in a nutshell!


If you like the idea of owning your own little piece of heaven but not interested in the outside maintenance that goes along with it than a condominium may be the way for you to go and along with that there is a body that oversees the day-to-day maintenance and upkeep and it’s called a Homeowner’s Association. Sort of like a property management as they take care of the grounds and the property around you and you pay a monthly fee for their services along with your house payment. They set the rules and bylaws and you (more likely) have to be approved by that HOA in order to live there. There is a board consisting of owner’s living in the condo complex (Pres, Secretary, Treasurer and so on) and they hold meetings where you as owners have the opportunity to voice your opinions because that is the community YOU live in.

 Let’s focus back on the HOA for a moment.  Like I stated earlier the HOA charges a fee monthly(or some places quarterly) to keep all the common areas (places where the residents congregate) snow removal, trash removal, water bills and in some cases there is structure insurance and basic cable. Also if there are repairs necessary the HOA fees will cover some of those as well.  I have sold condominiums to many clients and some have lived in those places for 10 years or even more. HOA’s are in place to serve the community as a whole. If this is the route for you make sure to get involved as every voice counts. This way there will be a better community and you would have a say so in making it that way.     

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