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Pokemon Go Tips for Palm Coast

If you are visting or live in the Palm Coast Beaches area and have caught the Pokemon Go craze, here are a few tips we learned while on adventures with our family.

Tips of Pokemon Go (assuming you have already dowloaded the app and created an account)

1.  If you create a new account and do NOT catch the first few Pokemons that pop up, Pikachu will appear and you can catch him.  Pretty cool considering he is one of the more difficult Pokemons to get. My husband got him while we were stopped at South of the Border.

2. When you visit Poke' Stops to collect goodies, you can hit the "X" button and it will automatically caputre everythning in that stop. You don't have to tap on each goody.

3. Lures are great and can only be put on Poke' Stops. Lures benefit everyone near the Poke' Stop and can be a great way to catch  more Pokemon.

4. Use a Lucky Egg to evovle your Pokemon & collect as many Poke' Stops as you can.  Lucky Eggs give double XP while in use which can help you increase in levels. Every level you gain, gives you more goodies to use.

5. If you are Evolving Eevee's, edit the name of the Eevee to get the desired Pokemon you want.  For example, type Sparky for a Jolteon, type Rainer for Vaporeon, a type Pyro for a Flareon. You can see from the image below I edited the name Eevee to Sparky and got a Jolteon.  Now, it's not guaranteed to work all the time but has about a 95% success rate.

6.  More Pokemon & Stops can be found near Historic Landmarks (Castillo De San Marco is a good one).  So, pack the family in the car and spend the day together having fun while learning about history.

How and Where to Find Local Pokemon

1. There is a FREE app to locate Pokemon in your area.  Download "PokeWhere" to assist you in your adventure.  It has experienced some difficulites with the last update however it usually works great so check it out! They post tips and updates on their Twitter feed if you have any quesitons.

2. Pikachu has been spotted by our real estate office on 7 Florida Park Drive North, at Walmart Superstore, the Island Grille parking lot area south of the Flagler Beach pier & if you want to drive a little south he has also been captured at the Daytona Flea Market.  

3. MagiKarps can be found pretty much anywhere near water.  

4. Charmander seem to hang out the most in Cypress Knolls around Evans Drive.

5. Every you travel, there are different Pokemons to catch.  I will say we have seen a change in them every time there is an update. Currently in Central Park at the Town Center we have caught Onix & DoDuo.

5. Incense can be a way to collect Pokemon in an area that may not have many.  Incense only benefits you.

Tips on Gyms & Battles

1. Once you reach a certain level, you will be asked to join a team. It is beneficial to join a team that is dominant in your area so you can benefit from the teams success. (If you are in Palm Coast GO TEAM VALOR!!!! AKA the red team.)

2. Battling the Gym gives you great XP points so you want to use a high Combat Power (CP) Pokemon.  

3. When it comes to Evolving your Pokemon & Powering them up, here is a chart that helps you know what level your CP should be if you want them to evolve to a CP of higher than 1,000.

4. I don't recommend leaving your highest Pokemon at a Gym so you can continue to use them in other battles.  I have found the ones that stay in the Gyms the longest are in the middle on CP points compared to other Pokemons in that gym.  

5. Pokemon powers affect each other differently.  Here is a chart that will help you know who to battle with depending on the Pokemon you are up against.

6. Every day you have a Pokemon in a Gym, you gain 10 coins to shop with. Coins can be used for purchasing lures, lucky eggs, more storage, and incubators. 

Final Pokemon Thoughts

1. Be safe out there! I am a real estate broker and chose to play this game with our family over the summer for fun.  It was a wonderful way to connect with our kids, get them outside and visit new places. We NEVER let the kids go alone.

2. Don't use your real name to create your username account.  Use caution when it comes to revealing your identity.

3. St. Augustine, Flagler Beach, & Bunell were AWESOME spots.  Washington Oaks State Park had the most Poke' Stops in a contained area.

4. This is your chance to try something different and have fun.  Pretty soon its back to school, or back to work... 

5. It's NOT just for kids!  We have seen just as many adults having fun Poke hunting as we have kids. I even made a work contact out of it!

Feel free to share your tips & experiences by commenting below, or visit our Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/PalmCoastTheBeachesRealEstate/ 

Hope you found this article helpful.

Now Go Catch Em'