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Florida Realtors mobilized for 2017 legislative session


Great American Realtor Days – March 27-29

Each year, Florida’s Realtors spend a day in Tallahassee meeting the men and women who represent them. It’s the best time for Realtors to talk about the real estate issues challenging homeowners and the industry, and those talks make a difference. Find out more about Great American Realtor Days.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Feb. 15, 2017 – Business rent tax reductions. Reigning in estoppel certificate fees. Protecting the non-homestead property tax cap. Assignment of Benefits reforms.

These and many other issues critical to Realtors will be focal points of discussion and debate during the fast-approaching 2017 legislative session, and the entire Florida Realtors team, as well as Key Contacts from around the state, are mobilized and ready to go.

"Every legislative session is important and each presents its own challenges and opportunities, but 2017 is shaping up to be a big one for our profession," says Carol Kinnard, chair of the Florida Realtors Key Contact subcommittee. "The entire Florida Realtors team is pulling out all the stops on some of the most crucial issues facing Realtors. With the help of the Key Contacts and support from members throughout Florida we anticipate a very successful spring."

With the session set to kick off March 7, Key Contacts have been activated and have already started setting up meetings with local legislators in their district offices. These Realtors have volunteered their time and energy to develop relationships with their state representatives and senators, and serve as a conduit for information and feedback on issues likely to impact the profession. Their first order of business is to discuss the key priorities of Realtors this session with their legislators, which can be viewed in the 2017 Legislative Talking Points document.

The Florida Realtors public policy team has also been busy for the last several months tracking legislation, gathering member input and meeting with elected officials and their staff to help set the tone for a Realtor-friendly session. A running list of the bills being tracked can be found on the Legislative Tracking web page. Clicking on a bill number will bring up additional details about the bill, including its summary and where it stands in the legislative process.

While the efforts of Key Contacts and Florida Realtors staff are important to the process, the most critical piece of the advocacy effort comes from the 165,000 members who proudly hold the Realtor title. Each member is highly encouraged to text FLREALTOR to 30644 to sign up for Call to Action requests. These are legislative red alerts that help members communicate the Realtor position to their legislators when important issues arise.

"Our advocacy efforts are much less effective without the support and involvement of our member base," says Carrie O'Rourke, vice president of public policy for Florida Realtors. "Nothing gets legislation moving, or harmful legislation stopped, like a flood of emails and calls to a legislator's office on a key issue. And Florida just happens to have one of the biggest and most passionate member bases in the nation."

Florida's 2017 Legislative Session begins March 7 and ends May 5. For more updates and information before, during and after session, visit the Florida Realtors Legislative Center.

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