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Will Your New Home Make You Want to Dance?

Make it your focus and you will have won the game


Yesterday, late afternoon I received a call that made my day. It made my weekend. On the other end of the line was a client who purchased a property from us back in 2014 and she was calling to thank me. She leads a very busy and hectic life in New York City and this is her escape. She said that Thursday night she flew in, walked into her home, immediately went to the terrace to enjoy the view which is amazing: across the Intracoastal Waterway and Palm Beach. She said she all of a sudden that she broke into a dance of joy and she called to thank me for helping to make this possible. Dancing clients make the Paradise Shark very happy.


If you are looking to purchase a home make that dance of joy your focus. Find a home that you will enjoy living in, creating memories. Nothing else matters. I am leaving in a couple weeks to go to Iowa to break down a home that my mom has danced in for 55 years. She has danced the last 15 by herself. They focused back in 1960 on finding a home that moved them. People always did back then. And today you should to. Find that home that makes you want to dance.



You may know that a couple years back I was invited to co-author a book on the home buying process and right there on page 74 of Home Buying Mastery I wrote “The only thing that matters when looking for a home is finding the home where you will enjoy living. Find a home where you, your family, neighbors and friends will laugh, relax, share memorable meals and enjoy life”. After my call from Helen yesterday I know this line should have included the happy dance. By the way, the book is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. or if you want to contact me I will send you a copy for free. It truly is a worthwhile read if you are starting on the home buying journey.


So go on. Get out there and find a house that makes you want to dance. If you are successful you will dance. And please remember to call your Realtor and thank them. You will make them dance to.




Fins up.......




Tom Priester

Principal Broker


Paradise Sharks Real Estate