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Why Would You Pay a 6% Real Estate Commission

Asking for a more reasonable fee now commonplace


We started our boutique brokerage for one reason. To do real estate better. Real estate services focused on the customer. Like the old days when the customer truly was #1. Those who follow us know we have been very vocal about many things and one of those is commissions. We have shouted from every roof top that you don’t have to pay 6%. In fact, if you are you are almost always paying too much.

This morning I sat down to analyze what has changed in the local markets since yesterday. It is something I do every day as my clients need to know. And I know that they need to know. So I take that extra steps required to understand what is going one. As I updated single family home sales in Jupiter for the month of May a huge smile came to my face. As of today, there have been 48 sales in Jupiter in May where the seller paid a 5% commission. Why am I smiling? Because only 39 single family homes have sold where the seller paid 6%. 


For the second straight month more sellers are paying less by a substantial margin. In fact, over the past two months in Jupiter 55% of all  single family home sellers paid less. I like to think we have just a little to do with this. And we like to think we can continue to impact the market. To do real estate better. For our customers.


If you want to experience real estate done right then feel free to give me a call. We will be happy to show you why we are truly different.....by design.





Fins up.....




Tom Priester

Principle Broker


Paradise Sharks Real Estate