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Median Northern Palm Beaches condo prices remain flat

7 months since last increase

Median condo prices in the Jupiter area continue to underperform their single family home cousins. Over the last 30 days condo prices remain unchanged and over 200 days have passed since we have seen an increase of any kind. When comparing today’s prices to year ago numbers we are still higher, but only by 5.4%.

Compare that to single family homes in the Jupiter area where median prices have been on the rise for almost 3 months and as of January 1st were 9.3% above year ago numbers. Watch for prices aboard to rise over the next few months as seasonal demand should held shore up what has been sagging sales numbers. We have to go back 22 months to find weaker condo sales and we still are counting on our winter visitors to help steer this ship on a better course.

Fins up.....

Tom Priester
Principal Broker

Paradise Sharks