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Jupiter Love Street homeowners ready to cash in

Yesterday an article by Palm Beach Post Staff Writer Barbara Marshall grabbed my eye and a piece of my heart. We have been somewhat involved in recent discussions about the development of Love Street here in Jupiter and this one hit home. Some absolutely great free advertising for owners of the four single family homes along the east side of Love Street who seem to be looking for a buyer. Anybody who has gone to the Square Grouper for a drink after dinner at Schooners has walked by them all. 1019 Love Street, 1021 Love Street, 1025 Love Street, 1101 Love Street. Four adjacent properties that sit on about a combined half an acre of paradise. Sweet little cottages that make me smile every time I walk by. That walk, those cottages is part of what makes paradise here by the sea.


In many ways these houses help define paradise here in Jupiter. They are as much a part of Jupiter in many respects as Suni Sands was. Gerald Kindig, and his wife Patricia, own the property at 1025 Love Street. A wonderful two-bedroom cottage that Mrs. Kindig’s parents built in 1965. Gerald is quoted in Barbara’s article “Jupiter is gone and there ain’t nothing you can do about it. We’ve had the best parts of it, it’s time to move on”.

As you read further it becomes more apparent that it’s not only time to move on but also cash in. Seems the Kindig’s and the other three owners of Love Street homes have a “word-of-mouth” agreement to sell “for the right price”. Another owner, Tom Raishe, whose father built the home at 1021 Love Street in 1977, is quoted that he expects the four lots will be sold together for $2 million or more.

Let’s look at those numbers to put it in perspective. Suni Sands was purchased in August of 2013 for $15,971,800 according to public records. That breaks down to $37.16 for each square foot of that parcels’ 429,815 square feet. Add up the combined square footage of the dirt under the four homes on Love Street and you get about 24,027 square feet. If Mr. Raische and his neighbors can strike a deal to sell their part of paradise at their apparent base price” of $2 million that equates to $83.24 per square foot. Prices in Jupiter’s Funky Fishing Village are getting higher.

If anyone wants to have Paradise Sharks broker a deal for these properties we are happy to help. In fact, we will donate 100% of any commission earned to Friends of Jupiter Beach in hopes they will keep fighting the battle to preserve one part of Jupiter that hopefully nobody ever figures out how to sell.

Barbara Ryder, another owner on Love Street says “It’s not going to be paradise anymore they’re taking it away”. I am not the smartest cat in the world but in this case I am not sure “their” taking anything but it is for sale. The hunted on Love Street have turned into the hunter. The new Jupiter continues to evolve and to me it is sad. I know it is coming and I hate to see it. Hoping they don’t go too far as more and more of us will end of in the spot the Kindig’s are and will be humming their song “Jupiter is gone and there ain’t nothing you can do about it. We’ve had the best parts of it, it’s time to move on”.

Fins down……