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Make sure your Realtor is focused on YOUR goals

Real estate is not an easy game to play. Finding a real estate broker who knows how to play it well can be very difficult. It’s why Paradise Sharks encourages anyone looking to buy or sell property in any market to interview at least three brokers. Seek one who will understand your goals and put together a game plan to help you meet them. Ask a lot of questions. Direct questions. Pointed questions. Find out what they are capable of doing and how much it is going to cost you.

Patio Betsy

Recently we were approached by a wonderful lady who called us to interview as she wanted to sell her home in Palm Beach Gardens. Not only did she want to sell it, she wanted to sell it very quickly and get a great price for it. We brought to that meeting detailed information on sales in her community, inventory levels and had answers to all her questions about value. She was serious as she wanted to have the home under contract and closed as quickly as we were able to make that happen.

We made recommendations as to what she needed to do to get top dollar. What she needed to do to get the home ready for professional high resolution photos. We made specific suggestions on how to declutter and stage. We educated her on the transformation from being a home owner to a home seller. We recommended a price that we hoped would draw immediate activity and a quick sale at the full list price and she said “let’s do this”. We called our photographer and got them on the schedule for exactly two weeks out on Friday, June 24th. We would have the photos back and be ready to start marketing on the following Tuesday. Our client’s goals were very clear; a quick sale at a great price. We gave her two weeks to prepare. Herself and her home. Now we had to perform.

Her home is in a neighborhood where every home is exactly the same floor plan. Finishes, lot characteristics, marketing and homeowner motivation is what was going to determine price in conjunction with market strength. Over the past year, there had been 32 sales in the neighborhood and the median sales price was about 10% below what I told her we could sell her home quickly for. In fact, of those 32 sales only 2 were higher than what I told her we were going to get. And we told her we were going to do it quickly. Could we perform?

Yesterday, we closed on that home exactly one month from the day we put it on the market at a price that was higher than all but 2 of the 32 sales from our interview.  Our marketing made it shine as this home had original cabinets, multiple flooring types and an air conditioner that was 10 years old and barely keeping up. But our marketing painted a story, our client made the successful transformation from home owner to home seller and we accomplished her goals. At a price higher than 94% of the sales in her community. A total of 4 weeks from listing to closing.

Here is a note I received from her yesterday after the transaction closed;

“You really are amazing.  You delivered exactly what you said you would.  In 6 weeks!!  I cannot thank you enough!”

Again, real estate is not an easy game and finding someone who knows how it is played is a challenge. Before buying or selling anything, interview at least 3 brokers. Ask a ton of questions and find out how they will help you meet your goals and how much it is going to cost you. Paradise Sharks LOVE to be interviewed and you can set yours up today at 561.308.0175 or info@paradisesharks.com.