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$14 million dollar home sale big news in Jupiter Florida

There is no doubt that the secret is out about our sleepy little beach town here in Northern Palm Beach County. When we hear that one of our famous PGA residents is packing up and moving around the bend on the west banks of the Loxahatchee not real big news. After all the eastern exposure on a 2.5 acre lot and the widest river views to be found in these parts can make many think about packing up and moving into new digs.


But what is surprising is the reported sales price of, get this, $14,000,000. Sure Jupiter has some very expensive digs inside the town limits. But when one looks back at sales through the real estate community this is a number that rises to the top, quickly. We see the $8 million market breached at times in private club communities like Admirals Cove and the Bears Club. We even saw a $10 million dollar sale about 6 years ago for a 20 acre estate in Ranch Estates with seven bedrooms and 12 bathrooms and over 28,000 total square footage. Back in 2008, a 7 bedroom home with 11 bathrooms on a 2 1/2 acre lot in The Bears Club exchanged hands for a tad over $11 million.

So $14 million is going to set a new benchmark if it closes as planned over the next few weeks. What does one get for this kind of money in Jupiter is certainly a question many might ask. It all starts with a gate and a fairly nondescript driveway that shoots straight back to a home that is pushed back very close to the rivers edge. According to public records the home has 5 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms with a little over 18,000 total square feet. Marketing materials of the home have it shown as 6 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, and a little under 15,000 square feet so you choose. Of course there is a pool, a wine cellar, a bar, an exercise room, a six car garage with a turntable so you can spin for the car of the moment, a boat dock with lift, outdoor barbecue, decks, an outdoor fireplace and of course a reflecting pond. There is also a golf green and sand traps, as after all this is going to be a golfers home.

Not officially listed in our Multiple Listing Service the home has been privately marketed for $15,600,000. Thankfully this is America where 27 year old golfers can live like kings and we thank them for the economic stimulus these types of projects bring to our local economy.

Yes Jupiter, our secret is out…..